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KITFT Test of the Best 2015

RAM Petroleum is a proud Gold Sponsor of KITFT. Congratulations to the top ten teams from KITFT 2014 who competed for the 2015 Test Of The Best Title. www.kitft.co.zw

Place                  Team                                                          Score   
 1st Place          REMMINGTON GOLD CHARTER X     82.93    
 2nd Place         EAGLES ANGLING                                  70.82   
 3rd Place          ULTC BATTERY WORLD                       63.15    
 4th Place          CHARTER AFRICOM                              61.43   
 5th Place          TREK PETROLEUM                                55.76  
 6th Place          VELLIE BRIGADE                                    54.61    
 7th Place          CHICAGO                                                  52.94    
 8th Place          FUCHS TITANS                                        50.91    
 9th Place          MAGUIRES BAYER                                 50.83    
 10th Place       MARINE CENTER YAMAHA                  35.96