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Delivering More Than Fuel

Drop for drop, you cannot match our speedy bulk fuel delivery – within 72 hours of payment, countrywide! RAM Petroleum takes great pride in living up to our promises, keeping the prices steady, and always being on time.

We're busy going beyond borders and expanding our distribution into the sub-region. We have partnered with Dharwizi Transport, an expanding fuel transport company which was registered in Zimbabwe in 2002. The Dharwizi fleet currently consists of over 150 shakman trucks with 40,000L aluminum tankers, which transport both locally and cross border from Mozambique to the Democratic Republic of Congo, in addition to 19  18,000/23,000L semi-rigid tankers. All fleet vehicles are  constantly monitored by live satellite tracking. Our dedicated sales team is here for you 24/7 to discuss your requirements, and together with Dharwizi, we provide you with an efficient, reliable and consistent fuel delivery service. www.dharwizi.com

The Lowdown On Logistics

Because we deliver fuel country-wide, RAM Petroleum owns substantial storage facilities -  it’s why we can deliver what we say we will when we say we will.

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