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Whether you’re an employer with the constant struggle of monitoring cash fuel allowances or simply anyone that wants the safer and hassle-free satisfaction of a cash-free transaction then get your Ram Card today!

How to apply:

Simply sign up at RAM Retail Office in Sam Levy's Village, (Suite P, Opposite NMB Bank by Bon Marche), complete a quick application form (please remember to have at least one form of ID on you for this) and the administration staff will process and activate your card, ready for you to use immediately!
You will choose your own pin for the card which you will be required to enter each time you make a transaction and you are not limited to using only one type of fuel with it. Effectively giving you cash-free, hassle-free and secure transactions with your new card!

How to top up:

Simply deposit cash or transfer onto your Ram Card via our teller at RAM Retail Office in Sam Levys Village (Suite P, Opposite NMB Bank by Bon Marche).

Fuel Card Application

Fill in your details below and we will send you all the requirements and forms to complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can use the Ram Card.
It is available and effective at all Ram Garages or Ram Head Office now!
Yes, each card has its own 4 digit pin just like your bank card, giving you confidence and peace of mind. If the pin is entered 3 times incorrectly it will automatically block and reset 24 hours later so you will have time to report it stolen.
Whether you're a small or large business you are able to monitor what fuel is purchased and where. With access to your statement at anytime CONTROL is at your finger tips.
No; the card is only able to be used at any of our Ram Petroleum garages.
There is no fee attached to owning a card, unless you lose your card it will be about $2.50 to replace it.
For now yes, but ultimately, at a later date you will be able to use your card to purchase items in the Ram Kiosks and Express shops as well as earning rewards and much more!
These cards are tailor-made to best serve our customers in Zimbabwe only.