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Vision & Mission


We are heading towards a destination of excellence in fuel solutions to become the greatest and most respected provider in the region. Our mission includes:

  • To make a measurable difference to businesses and lives
  • To fuel a service and product of excellence
  • To be reliable, professional, driven and highly competitive



Our vision is a dynamic, powerful, skilled and assertive way of doing business; we are harnessing the energy of every member of our company to develop an effective, high-performance enterprise.

  • Create a work environment where people are motivated to excel
  • Be a reliable supplier of a quality product, that goes beyond customers’ expectations
  • Work hard to build symbiotic relationships with customers and suppliers, together creating mutual and lasting value
  • To nurture and grow employees that become citizens who make a difference, and help to build and support sustainable communities



  • Integrity – We do what we say we will do, on time, every time for our partners, suppliers, shareholders and colleagues
  • Consistent – We are reliable, direct, honest, approachable and dependable
  • Brilliant – We strive for excellence in everything we do, providing cost-effective, market-focused energy/fuel solutions for our existing and future markets
  • Expert – passionately committed to utmost proficiency in heart and mind
  • Assertive – our business remains viable and on the pulse